Friday, September 07, 2001

8/11/2006; 2:28:55 AM

As we approach the Singularity ... and Gattaca?
These articles are an interesting overview of what the government sees coming ... and what is going to be inevitable. The ability to map the genome is now here ... the inexpensive way to test for the presence and patterns of genes is coming ... and so the scenarios that are presented in the movie Gattaca are not so far away.
What I find amusing about these types of efforts by the government is that they are simply creating delays on what will occur. If the work is not done in the USA, it will be done elsewhere. I can see the day that 7-11 stores are going to have gene-sequencing kiosks to verify the genetic background of your friends, family, and potential mates or employees ... ;-)
Bush discusses genetic discrimination in radio address. Nando Times Jun 24 2001 9:29PM ET [Genetics news]


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