Tuesday, April 02, 2002

8/11/2006; 2:31:12 AM

A very cool proxy/redirection script ...
I have recently been working on learning Perl. It's a fairly amazing and flexible language, there is a ton of open source code written in Perl, and it's available for almost every platform out there.

In looking around recently, I found this Proxy script that is a very powerful script. It provides a flexible proxy for HTTP and FTP that can strip various content, manage cookies, and provide nearly anonymous browsing. There are a whole slew of things that I can think of possible using this code. The author even added a number of features similar to the Crowds proxies with groups of proxies.

I'm going to install this on a couple of my servers and do some experimentation. If you want to see a demo of this, visit the authors homepage and he has a demo version up and running!

CGIProxy 1.5. Anonymizing, filter-bypassing HTTP proxy in a CGI script (in Perl) [freshmeat.net]


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