Tuesday, May 21, 2002

8/11/2006; 2:31:54 AM

Tim writes about the "undercurrents" of innovation ...
We all hear about Open Source and it's implications, however Tim is really doing something about it. It is great that he and his organization are taking on the role of assisting in the communication of new and innovative ideas coming from the "trenches" ... these are the ideas that are the real "undercurrents" that will emerge as the next big thing.

In this article, he does a great job of outline many of the new innovations are are coming ...

O'Reilly Network: Inventing the Future. Tim O'Reilly. But the most interesting part of the story is still untold, in the work of hundreds or thousands of independent projects that, like a progressively rendered image, will suddenly snap into focus. That's why I like to use the word "emergent." There's a story here that is emerging with increasing clarity. [Tomalak's Realm]

Sunday, May 12, 2002

8/11/2006; 2:31:39 AM

Growing interest in REAL digital identity ...
After my experiences at Novell with digital identity, I quickly realized that it's a tough vision to communicate without having the whole subject tainted with corporate profit making mentalities. What's funny, is that those exact mentalities are what will prevent their architectures from ever being successful!

This is a very cool effort that I am going to be following, and that I am going to get involved in. Once digital identity moves outside of Novell, Microsoft, Sun, AOL, etc. it will be able to evolve in a more natural framework that mirrors reality.

RFC: Sponsored Feature Section on Digital Identity. I have a proposal for the site, that I'd like your comments and thoughts on. Jabber.com founder Andre Durand and ISPCON founder Phil Becker recently started a new website called DigitalIDWorld.com. K5er Adam Theo is also working with them, and thought that the subject of digital identity would be something other K5ers might have some interest in, and perhaps we could arrange some kind of syndication agreement. I talked to Andre and Phil a few times, and below is what we came up with. We all think it has a lot of potential, but as always, you make the final call as to what's good for K5. So read on for the idea, and let us know what you think of it. [kuro5hin.org]