Sunday, January 22, 2006

Early uploading research

I love being alive as we approach the next singularity. There is so much technology research occurring, and expanding in all directions. Uploading is coming to a neighborhood near you. For those of you not familiar with concepts of uploading, this is where computers are used to run simulations of a brain ... simulating all of the neural activity, and possibly then providing interfacing with the real world. In the future, this might even be a simulation of your brain. If it is a simulation of your brain, how much of your identity does it share with you?

So to do this, you have to scan the brain, create a neural map, then simulate the entire neural network within a computer. How likely will we see something like this in our lifetime? Well ... it's already begun:
Blue Brain Power: Modeling the brain with a supercomputer. Future Watch: The Blue Brain Project starts by mapping neurons in rats to simulate brain activity in the neocortical column, and it might eventually map the entire brain. [Computerworld Linux News]


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