Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Eye Tracking Research

This post on Slashdot brings up some interesting perspectives ... I mostly like the eye tracking research that is referenced. It's fun to see what we are *really* doing when watching a video. I know that I work to catch myself when I get distracted, etc. but this research shows what the eye is drawn to.

I don't agree that video blogs will suck ... but I do believe that video podcasting is a very different animal. I'm finding that for audio, I really like the 15 to 30 minute podcasts. For video, I haven't really found something that works for me. I could see where I might subscribe to a "movie feed" to get stuff onto my PC at home for later watching. From my early conversations with some students it seems that video podcasts (on campus lectures, etc.) are used mostly for their audio content, however when something interesting is said the student will then rewind and look at the video.

The biggest issue that I see is *where* I view video podcasts. I can listen a lot more places than I can watch. For me, driving is the place where I listen to most of my downloaded content.
Why Video Blogs Will Suck. [Slashdot]


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