Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Still Skypeless ...

Amazing ... I have been sending support requests every single day. And I get no response, except for the occasional reply to some of the messages saying "We normally will respond within 72 hours." Uh guys ... if you are hearing this ... it's now been almost two weeks! Uh ... they still have my $10.00 ...

I wrote them the following message:
Please ... oh Skype gods ... let my account go! Please unblock me ...

My prayer to the Skype gods ... please have mercy on my account ... PLEASE unblock my account. Why haste thou forsaken me????

Our Skype who art in Luxemburg,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy phone call come, thy will be done,
on the Internet as it is on POTS lines.
Give us this day our daily SkypeOut,
and forgive us our use of mobiles,
as we forgive our non-Skype friends.
And deliver us from expensive calls,
for thine is the $.02/minute, the p2p calling,
and the VoIP solution forever.

Oh please Skype gods ... please unblock my account ...

Will it work? Hmmmm ... we'll see ...


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