Tuesday, April 02, 2002

8/11/2006; 2:31:10 AM

Peer to peer and community proxies will wipe this out ...
If you read this article, you might get the idea that people can track down your geographic location accurately when you are cruising the web. Although this is true for now, it is becoming easier to "mask" your location with simple peer to peer or community proxies.

A proxy is a machine that someone places on the internet which allows you to "relay" your web requests through. Any web site that you then visit will see the requests coming from the proxy, rather than your computer! In the example in the article, if you were to locate a proxy in the UK, you would be able to visit the UK gambling sites since they would see the traffic coming from a UK computer ... not yours in the US.

This entire situation gets more and more complex as more people allow for the sharing of computing resources on their laptops and home computers. As the desire for more privacy increases ... at least among groups of computer users ... I believe that people will begin to install proxies to share for a variety of purposes ...

Geolocation will not have a chance against these types of proxies and relays ...

Geolocation Enables Internet Borders [Slashdot]


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