Friday, March 04, 2005


While reading Ken Novak's weblog, I found his post about SkypeCasting. I love it! This is a cool idea ... and continues to make me think about the future that we are quickly approaching.

I once heard a good quote that was something like "Privacy in the future will be the equivalent of living in a nudist colony. People who are uncomfortable being naked will be very uncomfortable in the future." The gist of this statement is that we are quickly approaching the "Transparent Society" that David Brin explored in his book. In this possible future, there will be little that we can do about having our every move observed, recorded, and/or reported on. So what does this have to do with SkypeCasting?

With wireless Internet everywhere, smaller and smaller laptops and computers, and software like Skype providing VoIP capabilites, the ability to "bug" almost any event or conversation increases. Add video to this, and our ability to remotely observe and listen to almost anything is extended. What got me thinking about this was this comment:
"I'd happily pay $5 to hear the music from my favorite jazz club when I can't make it; and I'd like to listen in on community or political meetings when I can't be there"
Paying for such a live feed is a reasonable thing to think about. The real issue will be that anyone in the audience of any event can become a *free* live feed of that event. In addition, anyone walking around that is near you can become a live feed of you and your activities. This will create an interesting form of verifying your identity and reputation ... in near real time.


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