Friday, November 26, 2004

We all create our own realities ...

I liked reading Phil's thoughts ... for several reasons. First, I really like that he loads his iPod with cool stuff to listen to ... even when walking the dog. Second, I like the fact that I can point Phil at a local Utah company - SkullCandy - for the solution to his iPod/Cellphone problem. They have a cool toy called the Link that allows you to have both Cell and MP3 player attached to the same headset. Phil ... have fun with it! ;-)

The third reason is that I really like Phil's quote:
... I realize that knowledge (the classification and relationship of information) [is] not something external in the sense that Aristotle would have thought about it, but something that's internal. We each create our own system of knowledge over the course of a lifetime and that more than anything defines who we are.
[Windley's Enterprise Computing Weblog]
This is almost straight from the movie "What the BLEEP!?" in that we seldom realize that we create the stories of our lives, and the models of the universe, that we choose to live into. We live as thought what we know and believe is "true" and "real" ... instead of what we choose to believe. And it is so real to us that it molds who we are ...


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