Saturday, September 17, 2005

Jerry Paffendorf @ AC2005

The evening sessions tonight started off with some interesting "open mic" Q&A ... some of the highschool students from the audience spoke about their perspectives ... it was interesting to hear.

Jerry got up to start talking about Brave New Virtual Worlds ... and jumped right into some of the interesting things going on in Second Life. He talked about how there are now all sorts of real-world to virtual-world interactions. One example was a Cancer Society fund raiser where Second Life characters walked in Second Life to raise money in the real world. In addition, Jerry even holds regular Future Salon meetings within Second Life where other Second Life avatars come to participate and listen to virtual presenters.

He briefly talked about the Croquet Project ... something that will be in a talk tomorrow. Another virtual world project. I downloaded the Second Life client software and will sign up for a free account ... I want to see what this is about. Hmmmm ... my first virtual identity in a 3D virtual world.


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