Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Google Maps, cellular phones, and the adventure continues

After reading Nat Friedmans post below, I had to start experimenting with Google Maps. This is too fun. I've had several calls with friends now, when their were driving someplace. I quickly ask them where they are, and start to zoom on Google maps ... tracking their travels as they are driving. Too much.

As Nat describes his conversation, I have now had numerous like it. I called my friend Joe while on his vacation driving up the coast of Oregon. Once he told me he was at a drive through coffee shop in Florence, OR I narrowed him down to this area. As they drove north they told me they were crossing 35th street right here!

I talked with him about the golf course coming up on the left ... it was funny to hear his comments about the scenery and the various buildings etc. that I could ask him about. Funny ... I can almost see this as the next step for Google. I joked with Phil Windley and our CTO Roundtable group last week ... it's almost like my friend Joe was getting live access to personal Google Maps ... and I was getting a virtual tour at the same time.

I'm thinking about my first Google Maps hack ... I've got some ideas and can't wait to play with it.

Living in the future. #

Later in the drive, we called Joe on the speakerphone and he gave us an aerial tour of the region using Google's satellite maps. It went like this:

Joe: There's a golf course on your right.
Us: Cool.
Joe: Huh, what's that strange building coming up on your left?
Us: It's a Marriott.
Joe: Oh. Cool.

[nat friedman]


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