Saturday, September 17, 2005

Joichi Ito @ AC2005

Joi was supposed to be presenting on the Future of Blogging, but immediately said that he wasn't going to only talk about blogging. :-)

He had some good stuff to say about a wide range of subjects ... Wikipedia, Firefox, File Sharing ... and more on Wikipedia. He brought up fansubs - which I hadn't heard of, but makes perfect sense. People take various video content, and then add their own subtitles in their own language. Joi also showed a very cool remix of The Matrix Reloaded done by someone who put together a bunch of anime clips to the same sound track.

I had not heard of ccMixter ... it's a Creative Commons music site. Of course he promoted the concepts of tags and technorati ... Plazes ... and how quickly tagging has taken off ... a new free-form way for organizing/categorizing information, and more importantly information flows.

Too much good stuff to blog ... what a great spew of information!


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