Friday, January 27, 2006

Problems with style in blog posts

I got this blog post in my aggregator (Radio) a while back and have been meaning to post about it. It mirrors a problem that I have been experiencing as I have been hacking on Radio to add some new capabilities. This is a post from Phil Windley's blog ... and it shows where some of the use of CSS, Classes, and Styles breakdown.

As you can see below, when I viewed the post in my aggregator it appeared like this:

Geek Dinner Tonight.

I'll be speaking on microformats at the <a class="hcal" href="javascript:showpopbox('blogtools:0.9-a7369493d8a334254d358837dd47669d', 0, 20)" id="link_blogtools:0.9-a7369493d8a334254d358837dd47669d">geek dinner tonight. See you there.

What the heck? I'm guessing that the tags and attributes are being exposed due to some sort of issue in rendering the post, without having something from the base web page? I ran into something like this when I was working to embed pictures and photos in my posts. I wanted to hack a simple "image inserter" button into Radio ... and when I added some really cool Javascript it worked wonderful ... until you got my post in your aggregator.

I'm working on tweaking my code so that it will work fine without the base page ... but it was taking long enough that I delayed the project. I'll work on it more in the future. It was interesting to see that other people have the same issues with their posts.

The weird part? When I included Phil's post in my post ... it turned out like below! It's appears to be ok ...
Geek Dinner Tonight.

I'll be speaking on microformats at the geek dinner tonight. See you there.

[Phil Windley's Technometria]


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