Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A kick in the blog ...

Man ... too many new things since returning form the Philippines. I'm going to get back into the habit of regular blogging ... and I'm at the Utah Blogger event tonight which is kicking me into gear.

I got home on the 1st of June, and thought long and hard about what I have been doing with my life. I've been working at Agilix Labs and having a lot of fun, however I realized that I wanted to do more ... to further pursue some Web 2.0 projects. In addition, Agilix is realigning its direction to more focus on the student and mobilized learning market ... and for now not as much focus on the SDK and developer community. I made the choice ... time to move on!

I'm still going to be working closely with Agilix on some specific projects, but I am now back out in the consulting world. I've already landed two consulting deals, both which are working on some cool new technologies and human-oriented services. I'll be blogging more about them as I get rolling and into the groove of the new routines. What is really fun already is working deep in the Web again ... I'm developing in both 'realms" ... AMP and .NET.

The AMP development involves a lot of Javascript and AJAX, and has been a great learning experience. It also involves a lot of digital video, and so I get to play back in one of my favorite hobbies ... video editing. I'm not a pro at it ... I just like to play around. I posted my first video to YouTube and am going to be posting a number of others.

The .NET development is for a social networking site ... but more. It's actually looking to create a new type of media ... combined media ... interactive media. I guess it's kind of like true 'multimedia' ... a new way to deliver a media experience 'wrapped' into a single download. What is really cool also is that the site is already leveraging some of the most advanced Atlas technologies ffrom Microsoft ... so taking the site to new levels of interactivity and customization.

On top of this ... I'm working on my new Software Development Outsourcing company. The web site is coming quickly, and after I have now been using a half dozen developers from overseas, I am ready to share the power of these people with anyone interested.

Anyhow ... I'm going to listen and blog about the Utah Blogger conference ...


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