Monday, February 23, 2004

8/11/2006; 2:34:18 AM

Digital Communities, their Laws and Hierarchy
I would have liked to hear this presentation. This is covering an area that I am very interested in ... digital identity and digital communities.

The hierarchy within a digital community is extremely important to maintain order, and to prevent chaos from spreading. If there is no hierarchy and "law" then the community will collapse. This looks like it was a fun presentation!

ETCon 2004: Robert Kaye on Social Networking-Based File Sharing Networks. Robert Kaye (slides) is describing social network file sharing systems. The primary purpose of the social group is to share, discover, and protect network. He proposes a hierarchy or tribes, chiefdoms, and states with leaders at each level and "tribal elders" who set the policies about who gets in. This sets the trust network. [Windley's Enterprise Computing Weblog]


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