Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Slashdot slashdotted by eTech

When I was reading my aggregator the last day of eTech, I found these posts in my page of new articles. I started to wonder "How the heck is my aggregator going crazy? What is going on here? I'm not doing this!" ... and then I realized what was up. At eTech, all of the attendees were on the wireless network behind a NAT. To Slashdot, it must have looked like a lot of requests for their RSS feed from the same address. Slashdot thought this was all traffic coming from a single user ... and so they pitched the error messages out.

It's funny to see yet another way in which technology confuses technology. I'm not sure how this was solved ... someone must have contacted Slashdot to let them know. To Slashdot, they only saw the one "identity" and assumed that it was a single user hammering their servers. Yet another case where some sort of solution could be developed to encode identity into the RSS request.

Funny ...


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