Thursday, March 31, 2005

Uh oh ... now I understand C# ...

Tonight is a news-reading and e-mail-reading evening. I'm way behind on my reading and responding. I've been way too busy with a new job, and I've been on the road. At the beginning of this week, however, I was in a programming class and I learned C#. I'm now moving all of my development to this new cross-platform language.

All of what I learned this week was in Microsoft Visual Studio. I can not say enough about how impressed I am with the complete Microsoft development environment. The creators of this development solution ought to be proud of what they have created.

I am also downloading and installing all of the latest Mono tools to begin the process of developing C# on Linux. I am looking forward to tracking the progress of the Mono project, and all of the various components. What I really like is that C# and the support behind it appears to be a new language - and complete application deployment platform - that will deliver where Java seemed to stumble. C# is now being actively and completely supported on the two biggest platforms on earth - Windows as the largest installed base of machines, and Linux as the rapidly growing contender. No JVM to download and install ... no strange looking User Interface.

Anyhow ... slightly off-topic ... but I wanted to comment on this. I have to admit that I see C# as a big deal in the next decade!


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