Sunday, September 18, 2005

T. Colin Campbell @ AC2005

Just prior to lunch I'm in a session on diet and nutrition ... good timing. What I really like about this conference is the multi-disciplinary sessions ... the accelerating future of everything!

This session is titled T. Colin Campbell, Cornell University. Changing the World one Bite at a Time: The China Study and he is immediately jumping into the "common sense" knowledge. I'm sure that he is about to throw out some curves. He feels that good nutrition is being forgotten ... we just don't think abou tit, or the implications, on a daily basis. Like every time that we eat. Oh ... and he said that supplements are NOT nutrition in his view.

One powerful statement was that he believes that nutrition can bring the responsibility of health back to the individual! In our age of exploding health costs, this makes complete sense. We know that good nutrition can prevent and cure disease, controls disease producing genes, and reduces toxicities and facilitates metabolism. He expressed his frustration where in specialized groups - sports as an example - the value of nutrition is so well known ... but not communicated to the average person.

He reviewed his research into high-protein diets ... 20%+ ... and the high-incident of cancer that they found. Up to 10% ... no effect ... but above that they saw an increased rate of cancer in animals. In addition, they have gathered a lot of data showing the effects of animal proteins vs. plant proteins ... and the impacts on a long list or diseases. At the end of his presentation he pointed to Biosignia as a web site to check out. Ok ... time for lunch! :-)


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