Friday, February 03, 2006

Apple - moving to Intel, and Tablet PCs?

I caught this article about Apple Patents for Tablet Mac designs today on Engadget. I figured that this is a no-brainer ... Apple *has* to catch up at some point. Now get me right ... I'm not talking about catching up outside the context of the Tablet PC. It's that they really had to catch up and produce a Tablet PC/Mac. I didn't even know there was a previous Apple Tablet Patent also.

As I have been researching more and more on the Tablet PC, I have to say that it is a much more natural interface in many cases. I have found that I like the convertable designs far better ... where I can switch from using it in laptop configuration, to using it in a slate configuration. The HP that I am using is designed this way.

As for the value of a Tablet, the most impressive aspect to me is when I have allow my son, nieces and nephews to play with it. For them, it is an absolutely intuitive experience.

The one real advantage that I see about Apple jumping into the fray is that it will truly begin to validate the Tablet PC concepts and market. Apple will also begin to push the designs, features, and ergonomics of the Tablet. The one thing that has really kept me from fully adopting only a Tablet PC is the limitations in the devices when compared to a regular laptop.

I like seeing Apple jump into the fray. 2006 is shaping up to be a very interesting year for computer platforms. Hardware is really making leaps and bounds ...


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