Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Utah Bloggers Conference ... the first!

I'm at the first Utah Bloggers conference, and it's fun to see the size of the community here. Ryan Money from HireVue kicked off the meeting, and quickly went into the panel discussion.

The group of panelists included Cydni Tetro, Phil Burns, Phil Windley, Tim Stay, and Pete Ashdown. The questions varied from what blogging software is being used, to making money with your blog. It was good to hear them all. I really liked one thing that Pete Ashdown said about the record of your history on the Internet ... he referred to that as the "... price of integrity." Instead of going to edit your history - such as on the Wikipedia - you simply live honestly with the choices that you have made.

One of the people stood up and admitted that he doesn't yet have a blog ... he wanted to know what to do to start. Phil Windley suggested his essay How to Start a Blog. Nice ... it's the first result when you search Google for that sentence.

Ryan wrapped things up talking about how we really do have a good blogging community. Utah is continuing to grow rapidly, and the growth from people moving to Utah is fueling the tech industry here. We are slowly gaining some real momentum. There are going to be some future events ...

That was it for now ... I'm going to get some other video ... another YouTube video ...


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