Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A good anti-phishing solution

I really liked the idea behind this solution being developed by Bank of America for anti-phishing. It's really the simplicity that I like. In short, it allows a bank of America customer to customize the web page for their on-line services ... with a picture of image of their choice. So now, when a customer goes to log into the Bank of America site, they can verify that the image is the one that they picked!

I know that there is still the general phishing scam that can be sent out indicating that "Oh yeah ... we had big problems with your server, and your image can not be shown!" ... or "Uh ... we lost your image, please log in and set your image again!" ... but this is a very good start.

The idea of customizing the page ... to maybe even allow the customer to choose among different types of customization ... will allow users to easily notice the differences in the web site, and then identify potential phishing scams.

Simple ... and a good start.


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