Wednesday, June 14, 2006

RFID Implants ... do it yourself?

When I read this article I immediately began to think about all of the science fiction movies where the various characters are always trying to REMOVE tracking devices from themselves. I can remember the image of Arnold pulling the giant round tracking module from his nasal cavity in Total Recall.

This article, however, is about a growing number of people who are now inserting RFID tags into themselves! Well ... in some cases they are having doctors do it ... but the one web page referenced includes the list of items to do it at home!

Of course this links me back to Pete Ashdown's comments last night about integrity ... we spoke about this breifly after the Utah Bloggers conference had ended. It's cool to see people who are ok with being tracked ... and aren't afraid of anything that might be gathered about them. They are ok with where they go, and what they do.

I'm going to keep thinking about this one. I have been thinking that with the younger generations adopting lifestyles where 'body modification' is becoming the norm, they will be more and more open to technological implants. If you are willing to get tattoos, and have piercings, then when might you go for subdermal animated LED impants, or RFID tags?
Social Consequences and Effects of RFID Implants?.



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